Wire Shelving With Shelf Bins WSR23-6209

Wire Shelving With Shelf Bins WSR23-6209

Length: 570mm

Width: 1050mm

Height: 1950mmItem No:WSR11-3214 Dimensi


Product Information

Chrome shelves with corrosion resistant & 130kg capacity per shelf

Good appearance to make your worksite clean

Compatible with shelf bins to organize parts and increase efficiency

Adjustable shelves for your needs

Easy installation

Product Data

Dimensions (shelf) W × D × H ( mm)1050 x 570 x 1950

Dimensions (shelf) W × D × H ( inch)41-3/10 x 22-2/5 x 76-4/5

 Bin ModelPK6209

 Bin Qty(pcs)56

Dimensions(Bin)WxDxH(mm) 234×300×140

Dimensions (Bin)WxDxH(inch) 9-1/5×11-4/5×5-1/2

Shelf Qty14+1

* Customized size and customized color acceptable

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