Guanyu storage solutions, flexible, fast and reliable logistics for the healthcare sector. From manufacturing to distribution, every element of the supply chain for pharmaceutical products must adhere to the strictest quality control and clinical standards. The potential consequences of breaching these standards are unthinkable. Even the smallest mistake or loss of hygiene control can destroy medicines – making them at best ineffective and at worst potentially harmful to the very patients they are intended to treat.



Case of Xiaogang Community Hospital: The medical operation cabinet in the treatment room is clean and beautiful in color and coordinated with the internal environment of the hospital. The surface of the cabinet adopts electrostatic spraying process, with strong adhesion and non-fading of the paint surface, and a variety of colors are available.

Intensive storage: The dimension chain in the cabinet matches the dimension chain of the medicine box accurately, improves the space utilization ratio as far as possible, and realizes the concept of "intensive storage". The overall size can be customized according to the size of the room.

Medicines and consumables can be divided into different areas according to the actual situation, and the following three principles should be followed: location, container and label.





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After cooperate with guanyu, we have increased our work efficiency, and make our pharmacy and pharmacy store management has realized the standardization, visual, and rationalization.

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