Customer Return Visit

Customer Return Visit

Jan. 16, 21

Guanyu always believes that customer satisfaction is as important as life. Today, we are tracking product quality for Liqun Pharmaceuticals.

We interviewed the frontline employees on the production line and they are very satisfied with the logistics box produced by Guanyu Group. The workers said that the logistics box made the messy production line neat.,Maximize their productivity. The logistics box runs smoothly on the production line, and the anti-slip reinforcement at the bottom makes the logistics box not slip. Pre-set label slot for labeling barcodes to make drug classification easy.

Liqun Pharmaceutical Group said that the logistics box produced by Qingdao Guanyu Plastic Co., Ltd. meets the needs of Liqun Group and will cooperate with Guanyu in other industries such as supermarkets in the future.

The logistics box produced by Qingdao Guanyu is suitable for use in many industries. The ribs at the bottom of the box make the logistics box more durable.

Guanyu plastic is committed to the establishment of warehousing logistics order, saving customers every warehousing logistics cost, and making warehousing logistics truly become a new profit growth point for enterprises.

In the future, Qingdao Guanyu will continue to track the user experience and strive to provide you with better logistics solutions.

Customer Return Visit

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