What is the Advantages of Shelf Bin?

What is the Advantages of Shelf Bin?

Jan. 14, 21

1. Integrate intensive storage, associated SKU storage, complete size chain, and visual management requirements. Compared with traditional parts boxes, the vertical space utilization rate of the same height can be increased by 35% to 40%, and the same storage area can be Reduce by about 50%, greatly reduce enterprise storage costs, reduce the defective rate of assembled products, and reduce waste of operations.

2. It can pull and hang like drawers, which is in line with popular usage habits. It is comfortable to clasp and easy to access objects; the front of the box can be affixed with logos and QR codes for easy identification and quick access to objects; color selection of this series of products Strong performance, each product has six effects of red, yellow, blue, green, white and translucent, which can realize the visual classification management of materials.

3.Reasonable structure, injection molding of high-quality PE material, in line with medical and food grade use standards, excellent reliability and weather resistance, and strong bearing capacity.

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