PK-1111DCW-01 Rackable pallets

PK-1111DCW-01 Rackable pallets




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Guanyu’s plastic rackable pallet PK-1111DCW-01 is a grid pallet with the size of 1100 mm W x 1100 mm D x 165 mm H. The static load capacity is 6000 kg, the dynamic load capacity is 1500 kg, and the rackable load capacity is 1000 kg. It is easy to clean. Compared to traditional wooden pallets, rackable pallet has longer life span, around 5 – 7 times to wooden pallets. Plastic pallet is light in weight, and it is clean, decent appearance, non-toxic, iron-free and non-prickly. Besides, the plastic pallet is easy for washing and decontamination, resistant to rot, and non-flammable. It is humidity free, pest free and acid resistance. The most important is that the plastic rackable pallet is recyclable. So it could save lots of cost for you.

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Rackable pallets PK-1111DCW-01

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