Wire Shelving With Storage Bins WSR4018-002

Wire Shelving With Storage Bins WSR4018-002

Length: Length: 457mm

Width: width: 1016mm

Height: Height: 1950mm


Product Information

Chrome shelves with corrosion resistant & 130kg capacity per shelf

Compatible with storage bins to organize parts and increase efficiency

A wide open hopper front for easy picking

Adjustable shelves for your needs

Easy installation

Product Data

Dimensions(Shelf)W x D x H (inch)40 x 18 x 77
Dimensions(Shelf) W x D x H (mm)1016 x 457 x 1950
Bin ModelPK002
Number Bins(pcs)96
Dimensions (Bin)WxDxH(inch)4-9/10 x 9-2/5 x4-4/5
Dimensions(Bin)WxDxH(mm)150 x 240 x 124
Number Shelves8+1
* Customized size and customized color acceptable

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