How to choose plastic crates with good quality?

How to choose plastic crates with good quality?

Apr. 07, 22

Plastic storage crates are widely applied in many industries such as logistic turnover, transporting, house-moving and warehouses. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, we need to be very careful about its quality when purchasing plastic storage crates. 

So, how to identify the quality of a plastic moving crates? Here we simply introduce some tips.

 1. Check the color of the crate. A plastic crate with good quality always looks more bright-colored and lustrous; while poor quality plastic crates are always with dull colors and less lustrous.

2. Check the weight of the storage crate. Normally, for plastic containers, with the same specifications and material, the heavier one has better quality. However, this can also be a very deceptive trap. Because some dishonest manufacturers will add some stone powder to the container’s raw material to increase its weight, which makes the container very easy to break, and greatly shorten its lifespan.

3. Check the endurance of the crates with your hands. Users can press the plastic container to a certain deformation with their hands: if not broken, it proves that the product quality is relatively good, poor quality containers will be broken with a slight press. Please do not try to stand on the top of crates to check the endurance, even if you still have some doubts about its quality. Because once broken, it will easily scratch you. Of course, users can buy from some large-scaled, reputable plastic container manufacturers without extra worries about quality.

How to choose plastic crates with good quality?cid=6

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