Guanyu All New Folding Mesh Crates Launched

Guanyu All New Folding Mesh Crates Launched

May. 26, 22

Space is scarce and expensive in many places, such as in warehouses, trucks, and shipping container. Especially recently the sea freight is still very high. Customers always select the product which has big capacity and occupy less space. Guanyu launched all-new folding mess crates PKM-6040230 and it could save near 80% space after close. The same time, it could save about 80% sea freight cost when transferred from our factory to the customers warehouse. Its external size is 600×400×230 mm when open and 600×400×50 mm when close. The load capacity of the crates is 30kg and the stacking load capacity is 150kg. It is made of 100% virgin PP material, so it is with good toughness and long life. The crates material passed the FDA test and it is safe for food and medicine. 

The crate is popular in grocery stores, supermarkets, cloth factories, etc. Bolts fix all the parts of a crate will never miss any part. The standard color is green color and you could customize any other color. If you interest in folding mesh crate please contact us now. 

Guanyu All New Folding Mesh Crates LaunchedGuanyu All New Folding Mesh Crates Launched

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